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Brand  Place Story


Brand Place was founded by Lisa Place at Adelaide University in the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation Innovation Centre. 


Our vision is to combine the dynamics, the passion and the excitement of media technology and creative industries,  together with the heart and compassion of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

At Brand Place we want to partner with companies, causes, media, education and help to provide solutions to support People Planet and your Profits.


Branding and positioning are vital to success giving you the very best opportunity to get it right professionally. Brand Place is not just a graphic design business, (however, we have great creative talents) what makes us different is our work is based on research and facts to minimise risk and maximise the potential for the dollar.


Increase your Market-Based Assets of Mental and Physical availability.

Why Us?

Our Brand Angels act as your own Marketing and Branding team keeping up with the latest trends and building key relationships in the markets.


Not just imagery, technology, strategy, relationship partners, media and education we have it covered.


Partnering to support your company and do what we do best within your budget.   


Make 2020 your best year yet, let us show you how?


Contact us for a complimentary assessment 

Dr Denis List

 The mentor who guided, supported and encouraged the foundations of this business cause, even from his hospital bed.

Mr Tom Place

My hero and father who was constantly seeking new entrepreneurial ventures and installed a love of ideas and possibilities.

Mrs Raelene Place 

For her charismatic personality and her love and talent of artistic works, creativity, and fashion.

Special Thanks To

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