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Join our dream, love fashion or beauty!

Our channels and platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Amazon, Parades, motivational fashion events etc.  Will you help support this revolution?


Our concept of fashion is not just beautiful clothing but also health, beauty and self-respect, however it’s about just looks.


Brand Place is not only about art, but creativity is a big part of it!


It’s about integrity of being true to yourself, your health and your own individuality!


Not selling out because of unhealthy chemicals or procedures but being fit beautiful and healthy. 


It’s about living sustainably with your own body for life as well as trying not to harm disadvantaged people, including child or slave labour and avoiding harm to the planet.


It’s also about giving to young children who are extremely disadvantaged and help them to have a better life.


The goal is to try being part of a revolution to provide higher education to as many children in poverty. 


It is is about building an online platform and apps to make this happen. One where fashion designers using  sustainability, vintage and deadstock items can form part of a global brand.

This will also include health, fitness and nutrition based clean cosmetics, and to try and stop ageism, leading and influencing young girls and older women to resort to unnecessary cosmetic procedures.


The revolution is also about Marketing, Public Relations and Events to promote a cleaner more Conscience Cause Marketing Campaigns.


If you would like to join us for the next step please contact us for further discussion.

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